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any news on retroteks site?


It’s gone for good I’m afraid. No word on whether or not he will start a new one.

I take it back. He emailed me today, and gave me good news. He is rebuilding the House of Gaspers as we speak. When it’s back up I will post the link.

The concept of the “Perfect” slave

Perfection can mean many things, but to me it does NOT mean “without flaws.” Let me elaborate:

I have three slaves, those being Lorelai, Harlye Synn and Dawni Violin. Each of them is different, and in some cases there are WORLDS of difference among them.

Lorelai was once a hard player, who enjoyed pain and loved breathplay. Health developments affected her in a way that make her very sensitive to pain and glandular issues in her neck prevent most breathplay anymore. Still, she loves and lives to serve in role, and so our play style has shifted more toward sensual play and sensation play. She is my Perfect Treasure.

Harlye Synn is one who loves playing the brat, defying me to earn punishment MOST times, and others being determined to do anything, anything at all to hear those two magical words: “Good Girl.” She is a painslut, she enjoys breathplay and even rape play on occasion. When she serves, she serves devotedly. When she defies, she is defiant to the point of near frustration but knows when to back it off and keep it from being personal. She is my Cherished Perfect.

Dawni Violin is new to her journey as a slave, and so it is as yet unclear what manner of slave she will evolve to be. She has thus far enjoyed her experience in devoted servitude as well as experiments in pain, sensation and breathplay. For her so far, the more intense the pleasure given, the more she eagerly looks forward to serving again when I come calling. She is my Symphony.

None of these slaves perform identically to either of the others. And yet… Lorelai and Harlye are, at the very least, slaves I refer to as my “Perfects.” For their differences, they are still perfect for me. I can read them, they can read me, and there is a connection, a tuned-in energy betwixt us that binds us together on an almost ethereal level. 

Dawni has not yet earned this distinction, but that is not due to any shortcomings. She and I are simply new to each other, learning each other, and still building our connection together. I have no difficulty believing that she too will earn the title of “Perfect” given time. But patience is key here, as I must let her evolve for herself and not force her to adopt any manner of behavior or fetish, lest she not truly be herself. 

They say perfection is impossible. They say it cannot be attained. But I say perfection is subjective. It does not mean without flaws, it means perfect for YOU. And I am blessed. 

I have found my Perfect, not once, but twice. And I believe I am on to a third Perfect, when the road Dawni is on has been traveled further. I am trebly blessed. Because to them, I am also THEIR Perfect. In this, and with them, I could not possibly be a happier man, or a happier Master.


Nothing like a new shiny to make a girl feel pretty.
now if only someone was here to play.

As I can attest, she is VERY delicious. And… We share. ;)


Nothing like a new shiny to make a girl feel pretty.

now if only someone was here to play.

As I can attest, she is VERY delicious. And… We share. ;)

No question as yet, just wanted to say I am amazed and so very impressed with Your blog so far. It is my thought that You and Your subs are truly lucky. Thank Y/you all for sharing. All the best to all of Y/you.

Thank YOU for your kind words. I am firmly of the belief it is I, and not necessarily my subs, who is the lucky one. To find so many perfect partners with which to explore the kinks I love is unfathomable, and as such I have been truly blessed to find not one but three such amazing slaves.



does anyone know what this breast harness is called?


like i want to find a tutorial online to do it to myself but i can’t find any…

maybe you know?

Actually I can help you. I JUST uploaded a tutorial video on breast bondage featuring Dawni at my video sites, Master Frederick’s Den on Kinky-clips and Clips4sale. The 52-minute video covers five different methods of shibari breast bondage.

My personal favorite is the wooden dowel breast press:

Hey Folks, Here’s a Chance to Help Someone in Need

Hey folks, what we have here is your basic good man, one who’s helped folks often enough that this time it’s his turn to ask for help. If you can, donate. If you can’t, at least share this around. He and his wife need roughly 3,500 dollars to stay where they are, and I know it sounds like a lot. But every bit helps. Hell, if everyone in my friends list chipped in a buck, he’d have more than what he needs. Do what you can, even if it’s only passing this around.

Help Juvae Carmichael

Thanks for the follow corazon! Besos!

Anytime! Nice blog!


EAT A DICK. Seriously. Threats are unnecessary but thanks for being a fucking douche-nozzle. 

Also, you kinda lose credibility when you “LIKE” my Tumblr’s content… And then bitch about me following you… Or claim you don’t follow my Tumblr. Just because you don’t click the “follow” button, does not mean you aren’t reading my Tumblr. Good day.

any news on retroteks site?

It’s gone for good I’m afraid. No word on whether or not he will start a new one.


I totally forgot to share these with you guys!!! These are the amazing bruises left from a super fun scene Mistah ( learningtheropes ) and I did at the begining of the month.
To see how he gives me these bruises, check out my videos.

Please don’t call yourself a feminist if you approve of BDSM.




It’s one of the most misogynist things out there.

dictating how a woman chooses to express herself sexually is misogynistic

it’s also misogynistic to assume that all women undertake a sub position 

it’s also heterosexist to assume that all bdsm is heterosexual



Remember that no matter the gender of the submissive entity, THEY run the show, not the Dominant individual involved. Oh, wait— Did I just destroy your entire argument with a single protip? Yes, I think I just did. You’re fucking welcome.

Look, OP, I could cite many sources proving you wrong. For instance: 





AND THIS BLOG: http://afeministsub.wordpress.com/

And yes, YOU are the misogynistic prick here, not those who practice BDSM. Search the word, “femdom” and you will feel duly inclined to shut your fucking hole about it.


Mistah ( learningtheropes ) and I, as we head to the dungeon at the kink camp out. I was so proud to be His good girl, all dressed up in the leather posture corset we designed and made together.

Dawni finally got a true taste of what it’s like to serve as one of Master Frederick’s slaves. The evening started off with Electrical Play, her nipples and pussy shocked with a TENS unit, forcing her orgasms continuously for fifteen straight minutes. We moved on to heavy breast bondage in the form of shooting a new tutorial video and as a reward for her good behavior, she was locked hand and foot into a spreader bar and fucked hard and deep.